The Roadmap to Retirement

Late Boomers are retiring earlier, and are facing challenges no other group has before, and we are looking for information to ease our path. Other than financial stuff designed to scare you into thinking you’ll never have enough money – so you might as well get that job in retail immediately – there is very little useful info available on what really happens to you when you retire. This is a major life transformation, and the best advice is to go back to work for less money?  That’s like telling an alcoholic to have another drink – of the cheap stuff.

Most of the information I found on the Internet is written by people still working. That may work for financial data, but everything else was shamelessly self-promotional and just looking for my money. I am not interested in paying anyone to “reinvent myself” at a pricey seminar (run by working people!) or drop money for books (written by working people!) that will tell me I needed to start planning 5 years ago. (Got bit on that one, I am ashamed to admit). Five years ago, I had no idea I would be doing this now, and if I was the type to drop $10K on a weekend, I wouldn’t be retiring this early.

There just is no solid written information available – by retirees- in which you can find a good answer to the question “What am I going to do all day?”  No one going through it seems to want to talk.  Why?  Is it THAT bad?

Cue the panic attack.

I spent the last few decades drafting strategies, traveling all over the world, managing crises and writing detailed plans, at the same time as coaching soccer, being a baseball mom, volunteering, helping with homework, cooking dinner, and never having an unscripted moment until I fell into bed each night, absolutely exhausted. Business trips were the only source of regular relaxation and a full night’s sleep. After 30+ years of over-programming, how can I possibly succeed at the rest of my life without at least a user guide?

So, after my husband calmed me down, I decided to create one.

This blog chronicles my transition from a 60+ hour-a-week communications executive and full time wife-and-mother into a full time wife-and-retiree. However long that takes me. I will be honest about the challenges, failures, triumphs and feelings that I experience. Scroll down to see my latest posts, or look through my archive.  I firmly believe other Boomers are facing the same fears, concerns and problems over their own retirement decisions, are faced with elder care issues, and are just as frustrated as I am over the dull, dry evaluation of retirement – penned by people who are still working, and apparently devoid of any sense of humor.

I also love to cook, and will be posting recipes I think you might enjoy.  What is retirement, but a time to rediscover lost arts, and create something delicious for yourself, family, and friends? Takeout may be the convenient norm when working, but it’s healthier and more fun to make it yourself.  I will have a lot of time now to explore my creative side.  I want other people to enjoy that as well – if I can’t feed you, I can at least share the means to do it yourself!

I hope this blog will help you face your Next Chapter with a smile and a laugh – at my expense. If you can avoid the mistakes I will certainly make during my journey, you’ll do better than me, and really – isn’t that what it’s all about?

Enjoy the ride.