About Colleen Pizarev

In the final months of a successful full-time career in global public relations, Colleen approached the idea of early retirement the way she did any major milestone in her life – reading everything she could find on the subject, and then proceeding straight into an anxiety attack over the depressing  information she found.

Once she calmed down and realized she wasn’t going to automatically turn into a crazy cat lady, decide to open a needlepoint  shop, or spontaneously  trade in her Jimmy Choos for sturdy lace-up shoes, the idea of writing a chronicle of the various stages of her transition seemed like a fun idea.

Also appealing was to finally have the time to write for herself, rather than for other people… and maybe find her sense of humor along the way. It went missing on a particularly long business trip a year or so ago, and remains in hiding.

Any information leading to its recovery will be gratefully received.